Volume 6 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of Volume 6 of Past Tense Graduate Review of History.

Volume 6 features three academic articles written by graduate students from across North America. Sarah Miles’ award-winning article explores the adoption of global radical revolutionary ideas by 1960s leftist Québécois nationalists.

Valeria Mantilla’s article demonstrates ways in which the foods of colonized peoples in Lima and Cuzco influenced the diets of Spanish colonizers in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Daniel Halverson’s article explores the doomed reception of the “pantheistic-evolutionary theology” of a now-forgotten nineteenth-century German theorist in the United States.

Despite this breadth of variety in historical subjects, each article selected for this edition highlights the importance of studying local and regional histories within transnational and global contexts, and underscores the significance of bottom-up approaches to studying history.

The issue also features book reviews by Andrea L. SpencerAndrina Tran, and Samuel Lane.

Thank you for supporting graduate research in history, and please enjoy the latest issue of Past Tense!