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Bell, Jacob
“Я Тоже”: The Rape of Katerina Stepanova and John Paul Jones’ Russian Legacy (PDF)

Bessette, Matthew D.
“Nervous Diseases” and the Politics of Healing: William James, Josiah Royce, and the Early Dynamic Psychiatry Movement in America (PDF)

Butters, Jason
Sir Herbert Meredith Marler: The Life and Lineage of a Montreal Patrician (PDF)

Corcoran, Vanessa R.
Managing Marital Expectations: Marian Speech Practices and the Domestic Sphere in the Corpus Christi Cycles (PDF)

Cowan, Felix
Popular Liberalism: Vladimir Anzimirov and the Influence of Imperial Russia’s Penny Press (PDF)

Goodwin, Christopher
Framing Military Violence in German Africa: Metropolitan Indoctrination, Masculinity, and the Conceptualized Other (PDF)

Halverson, Daniel
Monographs on the Universe: Americans Respond to Ernst Haeckel’s Evolutionary Science and Theology, 1866–1883 (PDF)

Hamilton, William
Canada’s Story: Canadian Identity and the Journal of Canadian Studies (PDF)

Iker, Annemarie
The Suppleness of Stone: Spain’s Valley of the Fallen, from Dictatorship to Democracy (PDF)

Jagel, Matthew
“Showing Its Flag”: The United States, The Philippines, and the Vietnam War (PDF)

Kilgore, Kelsey
Looking Beyond the Archive: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Dealing with Difficult Archives (PDF)

Leeming, Mark
Contested Conservations: Forestry and History in Nova Scotia (PDF)

Lengyel, Christian M.
Pictures Frozen in Time: Determining Whether or Not Confederate Currency Vignettes Functioned as Proslavery Propaganda (PDF)

Liberatori, Abril
“When I Call My Mother I Speak to Her in Italian”: Language Use and Negotiation Among Italian Canadians (PDF)

Locker-Biletzki, Amir
Jewish-Arab Fraternity: Language, Symbol and Ritual in the Israeli Communist Party, 1948–1965 (PDF)

Laurie, Shira
Taxation and Representation: The Whiskey Rebellion and the Tyranny of the Minority (PDF)

Mantilla, Valeria
Edible Identities: Shaping Spanish and Creole Palates in Early Colonial Lima and Cuzco (PDF)

McCulloch, Mark
The Shield and Sword of Consumption: The Police-Society Relationship in the Former East Germany (PDF)

Miles, Sarah K.
For a Global Liberation: International Anti-Colonialism and the Construction of Québécois National Identity in Parti pris, 1963-1968 (PDF)

Miller, Randolph
“Properly Speaking Man Is Imbecile”: Nietzschean Skepticism in the Political Thought of French Conservative Hippolyte Taine (PDF)

Nevins, Jennifer
Standing Behind, Riding Astride: The Patriotic Order of Americans and Its Status as a Fraternal Auxiliary in the Nativist Movement, 1900-1925 (PDF)

Palmor, Lauren
Queen Victoria’s Durbar Room: The Imperial Museum at Home (PDF)

Penaloza, Vladimir
Mutuality: Nicaragua and the Deportation of German Nationals During World War II (PDF)

Powell, Julie M.
Pastoral Song and the Marian Body: Discursive Iconoclasm in Sixteenth-Century Paris (PDF)

Purificato, David
A Well-Worn and Far-Travelled Tome: The Life and Times of a 1652 Edition of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra’s Don Quixote (PDF)

Reynolds, Kathleen
Mother and Child Were Saved: Justifying the Caesarean Section in Nineteenth-Century England (PDF)

Romisher, Jason
The Jim Crow North: Segregation and Agency in New Jersey Beaches and Swimming Pools (PDF)

Smith, Jenny Claire
“What Small Thing is it that Remains to Keep Us Apart?”: New England Congregational Thought on the Need for Continued Parish Reform in England, 1640-1650 (PDF)

Stanhope, Sally
Contested Terrain: Scouting for Girls in South Africa, 1910-1994 (PDF)

Sullivan, Evan P.
“A Revolution in the Public Mind”: American Anxiety and German-Americans in New York State during the First World War (PDF)

Toffoli, Erica
Training Tomorrow’s Historians (PDF)

Weber, Russell L.
Excavating an American Republic: An Analysis of John Adams’ Use of the Classics in his Defence of the Constitutions of the United States (PDF)

Whitwell, Sarah
Rejecting Notions of Passivity: African American Resistance to Lynching in the Southern United States (PDF)

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