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Bell, Jacob

“Я Тоже”: The Rape of Katerina Stepanova and John Paul Jones’ Russian Legacy (PDF)

Bessette, Matthew D.

“Nervous Diseases” and the Politics of Healing: William James, Josiah Royce, and the Early Dynamic Psychiatry Movement in America (PDF)

Butters, Jason

Sir Herbert Meredith Marler: The Life and Lineage of a Montreal Patrician (PDF)

Collin, Alexander James

Review of Peter Burke, The Polymath: A Cultural History from Leonardo da Vinci to Susan Sontag (PDF)

Corcoran, Vanessa R.

Managing Marital Expectations: Marian Speech Practices and the Domestic Sphere in the Corpus Christi Cycles (PDF)

Cowan, Felix

Popular Liberalism: Vladimir Anzimirov and the Influence of Imperial Russia’s Penny Press (PDF)

Finnsson, Ari

Critical Commentary: When Will We Return to Normal? The Pandemic, Normalcy, and the Practice of History (PDF)

Goodwin, Christopher

Framing Military Violence in German Africa: Metropolitan Indoctrination, Masculinity, and the Conceptualized Other (PDF)

Guyot, Ruby

“Swooning Beneath the Ardent Blaze of a Passionate Sun”: Representations of Women in Tourist Guidebooks to Cuba, 1918-1926 (PDF)

Halverson, Daniel

Monographs on the Universe: Americans Respond to Ernst Haeckel’s Evolutionary Science and Theology, 1866–1883 (PDF)

Hamilton, William

Canada’s Story: Canadian Identity and the Journal of Canadian Studies (PDF)

Iker, Annemarie

The Suppleness of Stone: Spain’s Valley of the Fallen, from Dictatorship to Democracy (PDF)

Jagel, Matthew

“Showing Its Flag”: The United States, The Philippines, and the Vietnam War (PDF)

Kilgore, Kelsey

Looking Beyond the Archive: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Dealing with Difficult Archives (PDF)

Leeming, Mark

Contested Conservations: Forestry and History in Nova Scotia (PDF)

Lengyel, Christian M.

Pictures Frozen in Time: Determining Whether or Not Confederate Currency Vignettes Functioned as Proslavery Propaganda (PDF)

Liberatori, Abril

“When I Call My Mother I Speak to Her in Italian”: Language Use and Negotiation Among Italian Canadians (PDF)

Locker-Biletzki, Amir

Jewish-Arab Fraternity: Language, Symbol and Ritual in the Israeli Communist Party, 1948–1965 (PDF)

Laurie, Shira

Taxation and Representation: The Whiskey Rebellion and the Tyranny of the Minority (PDF)

Mantilla, Valeria

Edible Identities: Shaping Spanish and Creole Palates in Early Colonial Lima and Cuzco (PDF)

McCulloch, Mark

The Shield and Sword of Consumption: The Police-Society Relationship in the Former East Germany (PDF)

Miles, Sarah K.

For a Global Liberation: International Anti-Colonialism and the Construction of Québécois National Identity in Parti pris, 1963-1968 (PDF)

Miller, Randolph

“Properly Speaking Man Is Imbecile”: Nietzschean Skepticism in the Political Thought of French Conservative Hippolyte Taine (PDF)

Molnar, Aaron

Review of Valerie Hansen, The Year 1000: When Explorers Connected the World – and Globalization Began (PDF)

Nevins, Jennifer

Standing Behind, Riding Astride: The Patriotic Order of Americans and Its Status as a Fraternal Auxiliary in the Nativist Movement, 1900-1925 (PDF)

Olajos, Robert

The Bear Island Day School, Anishnaabeg Seasonal Migrations, and Nomadic Colonialism, 1903-1951 (PDF)

Palmor, Lauren

Queen Victoria’s Durbar Room: The Imperial Museum at Home (PDF)

Penaloza, Vladimir

Mutuality: Nicaragua and the Deportation of German Nationals During World War II (PDF)

Powell, Julie M.

Pastoral Song and the Marian Body: Discursive Iconoclasm in Sixteenth-Century Paris (PDF)

Purificato, David

A Well-Worn and Far-Travelled Tome: The Life and Times of a 1652 Edition of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra’s Don Quixote (PDF)

Reynolds, Kathleen

Mother and Child Were Saved: Justifying the Caesarean Section in Nineteenth-Century England (PDF)

Romisher, Jason

The Jim Crow North: Segregation and Agency in New Jersey Beaches and Swimming Pools (PDF)

Sawyers, Billy

Postcards, Power, and Production of Colonial Knowledge: Reflections on Japanese Imperialism and the Case of the Truku-Japanese War, 1914 (PDF)

Smith, Jenny Claire

“What Small Thing is it that Remains to Keep Us Apart?”: New England Congregational Thought on the Need for Continued Parish Reform in England, 1640-1650 (PDF)

Stanhope, Sally

Contested Terrain: Scouting for Girls in South Africa, 1910-1994 (PDF)

Sullivan, Evan P.

“A Revolution in the Public Mind”: American Anxiety and German-Americans in New York State during the First World War (PDF)

Thompson, Connor J.

Review of Alan MacEachern, The Miramichi Fire: A History (PDF)

Tibi, Laura

Re-Membering the Nation: Palestinian Art after 1948 (PDF)

(Winner of the 15th Annual Graduate History Symposium Best Paper Prize,University of Toronto, 2019)

Toffoli, Erica

Training Tomorrow’s Historians (PDF)

Weber, Russell L.

Excavating an American Republic: An Analysis of John Adams’ Use of the Classics in his Defence of the Constitutions of the United States (PDF)

Wenzel, Anna

Power and Control: Political Violence in the Cuban Diaspora, 1960-1976 (PDF)

Whitwell, Sarah

Rejecting Notions of Passivity: African American Resistance to Lynching in the Southern United States (PDF)

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