Welcome to Past Tense Online!

Welcome to Past Tense Online, a new page managed by the editorial collective of the Past Tense Graduate Review of HistoryPast Tense Online expands the scope of the journal by offering young and promising historians a year-round venue to reflect on and intervene in current debates in the scholarly literature.

Over the past year, the COVID-19 Pandemic, rapidly escalating climate change, and the explosion of social movements across the world challenging persistent patterns of social, political, and economic oppression, have dramatically changed the academic landscape, forcing many of us to rethink the paradigms of our fields while we’re stuck in place and out of the archives.  

Past Tense Online is presentist to its core, calling on new historians to contribute their expertise to the myriad social crises that we face. We seek two forms of contributions: commentaries and reviews. Commentaries are essays of 1000-1500 words that intervene in current historiographical debates, place current events in historical perspective, or share quirky historical narratives or unexpected archival finds. We are also interested in digital exhibits and pieces that utilize audio, cinematic, and photographic materials that can be reproduced in an interactive website. Reviews are succinct pieces of 500-1000 words that share the latest works in the humanities and social sciences and assess their impact on relevant historiography and criticism.

We are excited about the future of Past Tense Online and look forward to reading and sharing your work with historians across the world. We also welcome any and all suggestions or recommendations for improvement, as well as proposals for collaboration. Please write to us at pasttensejournal@gmail.com.