Call for Book Reviews

We are excited to announce that Past Tense Graduate Review of History will be publishing book reviews on a rolling basis on our new web platform, Past Tense Online. We invite graduate students and new scholars to pitch books to review that would be of interest to graduate students in history and related fields in the humanities and social sciences. Reviews should be between 500 and 1000 words in length and should discuss the main arguments, structure, and methodology of the author(s). Reviews should also discuss the particular intervention made by the work in its field and explain its importance to graduate students and new scholars in History. Submissions will be reviewed by the editorial collective of Past Tense and published on our website.

We are delighted to receive pitches for titles from any major publishing house and will try to procure review copies if needed. We have also curated a selection of recent works from the University of Toronto Press and McGill-Queen’s University Press that we would love to see reviewed for Past Tense Online.

Nastasha Sartore and Siddharth Sridhar,