New Podcast Alert: Off-Campus History

Off-Campus History, Logo by @nethkaria

Ever wonder what a historian would have to say about that movie, video game, or museum? Well, look no further! On each episode of Off-Campus History, join Louis Reed-Wood (PhD candidate at the University of Toronto) for a conversation with a fellow historian about a public representation of the area of history that they study. This representation might be a movie or TV show, a game, a museum or historic site, the school curriculum, a claim made by a politician, or something else entirely.

On the most recent episode of Off-Campus History, Louis delves into Hearts of Iron IV, a grand strategy video game set during World War Two, with Past Tense‘s very own Sid Sridhar! Together they discuss the game’s depiction and interpretation of the past, paying special attention to Hearts of Iron’s representation of the history of South and Southeast Asia.

You can find the show wherever you get your podcasts, and at Follow Louis and the show on Instagram @offcampushistory and on Facebook for episode announcements, pictures, and more. 

If you’re a historian (grad student, professor, or history professional) interested in being a guest on the podcast, you’re invited to get in touch with Louis! Contact him at offcampushistory[at]